Select Page is a website specializing in penny stock pics, daily trade ideas, and market commentaries. It actually has two separate sections- one for the U.S. stocks and the other for Canadian stocks. Once you visit this site, you’ll find lots of information about penny stocks. The front page contains news about selected companies as well as a list of recent top gainers.

allpennystocksIn the Navigation menu, various statistics, special reports, and lists of penny stocks can be found. Under “Hot Penny Stocks” section, a list of interesting plays is given. There are also watch lists as well as an access to a newsletter. In addition, there’s a scanner, which points out to stocks with abnormal trading volume or big changes in technical indicators such as Relative Strength Index. Overall, this site can be useful for those seeking to obtain information about penny stocks, whether in the United States or Canada.

However, the site admits that some of their stocks are highlighted because of promotional reasons. Therefore, to a degree, this site is influenced by stock promoters. Other pics may not be influenced by advertising, however, the site admits that they’re not employing analysts or other investment professionals. Therefore, before acting on such advice, be very careful as promotion may lead to unjustified changes in stock prices, which can only be compounded with micro cap stocks.

On the other hand, those readers interested in trading penny stocks can find such information useful. After all, being aware of promotional efforts will help make better investing and trading decisions, or even persuade a trader to avoid such stocks. In conclusion, this is a site to visit to see which stocks are in play and moving because of promotional efforts. As such, this is not a site which can be relied on for viable and well-researched trading and investment advice.