Select Page is a website that offers tips, one-on-one coaching and premium content on trading penny stocks. The website is run by Mubarak Shah, an investor who has extensive investment experience with various trading firms.

Company Overview

inpennystock focuses on offering three core packages to potential clients: $37 monthly subscriptions that include weekly video and newsletter updates, a $97 one time payment package that offers access to a large collection of videos and newsletters for a limited time period, and a $497 one time payment package that includes everything in the monthly package in addition to one-on-one coaching from the website owner. The largest package also includes access to educational video courses that center around trading penny stocks.

According to, the company has over 13,000 students that have enrolled in one or more of their courses or signed up for a package.

Should Be Trusted

bestpennystocks-11Penny stocks are considered to be extremely high risk, even though they offer a low financial barrier of entry into stock trading. When dealing with penny stocks, consumers often report mixed returns.

Most penny stock websites fall under the same risk category. on the other hand, offers packages that can be purchased instead of directly asking potential investors to invest in the stocks themselves. While penny stocks are high risk, simply offers something of educational value with minimal risk about penny stocks. Paying for this type of information might also be beneficial for potential investors before they begin to analyze stocks themselves.

Reviews have been mostly positive for If you’re looking to obtain a basic education in penny stock trading, this website can be trusted. It’s best to keep in mind though, that penny stocks are extremely risky investments, and more times than not financial losses will be incurred.