Select Page is a financial website that offers tips about up and coming penny stocks. The site caters to individuals who are new to investing and either have very little money to spend on investments or would like to spend large sums of money on small scale stocks.

Company Overview lists their corporate address in Chicago, Illinois. They’re primary goal is to inform potential clients on their email list about penny stocks that could potentially become big earners with large returns.

According to their “About Us” page, the company is comprised of two individuals who search for the most reliable cheap stock picks before sending a daily newsletter informing clients of their options. Clients then have the option of making an investment into their chosen penny stocks.

Should be Trusted

bestpennystocks-3While penny stocks can be extremely intriguing, they are one of the most risky investments that is available. Reviews about penny stocks are mixed among consumers, with some saying has netted generous returns, while others complaining about enduring significant financial losses and wanting a refund. lists an address on their website in Chicago however, the building is boarded up, making the website look even more suspicious. There are also vague testimonials listed on the website about the company, and some previous stock picks, while boasted to have 500 percent returns, have lost significant value over the last decade. Simple research about stocks that have been listed on their site as major earners nets results that consist of small pharmaceutical companies that haven’t had a stock gain in years.

When looking to trade penny stocks, should not be a trusted source of information. Furthermore, the only stock that seems to be tracking on the website is Google. No other relevant news information can be found about other stocks or financial advice.