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Penny stocks are not for everyone. If you prefer to let someone else manage your investment funds, then you do not need to read any further. Investors who like to trade their own stocks, though, might be interested in the kind of advice that a website like can provide.pennystock

Penny stocks are very inexpensive stocks. By most definitions, they are stocks that trade for less than one dollar, though others may include slightly more valuable stocks in this category. Often, a penny stock may cost only a few cents per share.

Trading penny stocks gives investors opportunities that blue chip stocks cannot provide. Imagine trading with just $10,000. You could buy 100,000 shares of a 10-cent stock. That stock now only needs to gain a single cent to net you $1,000.

Advantages Provided by

Such earnings, though, are not always that easy. That is why is a good resource for both experienced and inexperienced traders. This site shares some key strategies for making the best choices from these micro-cap stocks. The most recent strategy revealed there is the channeling strategy described under the tab of the same name.

Honesty in the FAQ

bestpennystocks-5The penny stock world is not known for its transparency. That is why is such a welcome addition to the venue. You only need to look at their FAQ section to feel like you are finally in a group of people who will not lie to you about the difficulties of trading penny stocks that come along with the potential advantages.

This is an investment realm for the bold and the risk-takers but this website will tell you to avoid the worst situations with penny stocks and focus on the real opportunities that can make you some serious money. They also openly state that you should not invest too much of your trading money in this area.


Other reviews will tell you much the same but also note that the owners of this site are not investment bankers or other high-level professionals. They are trading enthusiasts who are sharing their own acquired wisdom. It is up to you to decide if you think that their investment advice is sound.