Select Page is a financial website that specializes in giving tips about stock market trades, with a focus on penny stocks. Consumers can sign up on their website to receive emails regarding penny stocks on a daily basis.

Penny stocks are defined as extremely speculative stocks that are high risk. Anything under $5 per share are considered penny stocks, and are mostly traded off of the mainstream markets. While some mainstream companies trade below $5 per share, most penny stocks are subject to less stringent listing and trading requirements.

Overview of is a relatively new website with few links and a limited amount of written content. The only way for consumers to receive penny stock tips is to enter an email into their form for a daily newsletter. allows people to access potentially vital information about penny stocks for free with no obligation. If someone is interested in purchasing penny stocks that are listed on their website, they are prompted to contact an outside party.

Why you should Avoid

Penny stocks are highly suspect because of lack of regulation. It is well known that the vast majority of people who invest in penny stocks lose a substantial amount of money. offers only penny stocks with little information that informs consumers about the benefits of purchasing them.icobestpenny also raises a red flag because the company does not list a physical address or phone where they can be contacted. Most reputable financial or stock market analysis companies would offer such information so that people could easily get in touch with them.

Reviews from other users of have noted that the website offers little to no relevant information about quality stocks. A significant amount of spam has also been a noticeable issue that, in the past, has prompted users to close their accounts and block incoming emails from the company.