Select Page is among better known financial market news websites. This is where investors can turn to get the latest news as well as commentaries about stock markets, bonds, commodities, and currencies. In addition, information on ETFs, options, futures, and personal finance can be obtained from this site. also provides investment research and alerts known as Action Alerts Plus. It is a paid service but it’s possible to get 14 days for free before deciding whether to purchase it or not. This is where access to research and recommendations from financial professionals such as Jim Cramer and Jack Mohr can be obtained. Members also get real-time trade alerts and get their questions answered.

Jim Cramer is, indeed, a well-known and charismatic figure who runs “Mad Money” on CNBC. However, many investors have began to question his investment pics. Lately, he’s been wrong more often than right. In fact, following him in recent months would have brought performance worse than that of S&P 500.

bestpennystocks-2Yet another premium paid service is Real Money as well as its extension Real Money Pro. This is where access to research from 15 other investment professionals is given, so a broad range of commentaries is available. The site also caters to traders with Day Swing Trade service where Alan Farley, a swing trader, uses sophisticated software to screen and review various market plays.

In conclusion, can be a valuable service as a supplement to other financial news and research sites. Accessing much of the information doesn’t cost anyhting, while premium services are provided for free for two weeks in order to check their usefulness.

There have been complaints about these paid services posted on such sites as, so see what’s offered carefully before spending money on such services. Different investors may derive varied levels of utility coming from these services as individual circumstances differ.