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Timothy Sykes is a well-known penny stock trader and educator. Back in 1990s, he started with little over $12,000 and has turned it into over $4 million. His basic strategy relies on selling short promoted penny stocks and on buying earnings winners. Tim had also been ranked as no. 1 among 60,000 traders on Covestor. His track record is amazing. Currently, Tim teaches others how to trade penny and micro cap stocks profitably.

When you visit, you’ll find some of his educational videos as well as more informatitimothy-logoon about the trading strategies. Presently, there’s a free access to 11 hours of Trader Checklist,a video series about determining the potential of different trades based on Sykes Sliding Scale (SSS). You can also learn 30 basic rules that made him $164,000 in one week. On top of these, there are other free educational resources.
There’s also a link to, a site where traders can track their own trading P/L as well as see how other traders are performing. Tim also provides access to watch lists and more daily videos for a fee. For selected students, there’s a Millionaire Challenge program. This is where the students get the closest attention.

timoThe learning Timothy Sykes provides is quite practical as he goes over real trades and often runs his webinars while trading in real time. There is no guarantee of success, but learning from Tim can increase the odds.

Tim Sykes has been subject to criticism as well. He’s quite disliked by the stock promoters as he uncovers their tactics aimed and pumping up often worthless shares of shady companies. But, this is what learning from Tim is about. And it goes further than that. After all, Tim teaches people how to combine fundamental and technical analyses into one. Visiting website is definitely worthwhile.